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Creative subjects encourage and enable our pupils to be creative thinkers and independent enquirers. We support them to make a personal response to the world around them and explore possibilities of expression and interpretation. Without creativity, life would never evolve or develop. Creative subjects are necessary for any individual to develop a sense of self awareness, confidence, personal development and self-esteem.

Our pupils at St Matthias Academy are given the opportunity to develop all of these skills and more. Through experimentation and development of ideas using a wide range of media, from the traditional through to digital. We feel it is important that they have a strong sense of ownership of their work. We aim to encourage interest in as much art as possible; promoting the appreciation of art in many forms, and showing students that art is all around them.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 students two lessons per week. We begin Year 7 with foundation studies; working through all the skills needed to build upon art through their time at St Matthias Academy. This includes observational drawing, line, tone, texture, mark-making, perspective, colour theory- the basic building blocks and language of visual arts. We encourage pupils to self-review, reflect and refine their work. We look at a variety of artists, genres, cultures, techniques and materials aiming to give a wide range of experiences.

Key Stage 4

We use the AQA syllabus for GCSE Art. We creatively cover the 4 assessment objectives using a wide range of techniques – drawing, painting, print-making, textiles, 3D, photo manipulation. Pupils are supported to develop an individual, personal and meaningful response. Students are required to complete 2 project areas in their coursework (60%) and undertake an external assessment, where they answer a chosen (practical) question (40%). This is completed with the Exhibition of celebration. Results reflect the students’ hard work and commitment to their work.