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St Matthias Park offers students a broad and balanced curriculum encompassing Academic, Vocational, Sporting and Enrichment activities. The aim of which is to:

  • Enable each student to make progress from their entry point into St Matthias Academy
  • Identify and meet individual students’ needs
  • Provide an emotionally safe, but academically challenging learning environment
  • Provide high quality assessment and feedback of each students’ learning
  • Monitor and review each students’ learning targets in order to encourage achievement and ongoing progress
  • Provide opportunities for individual success by developing confidence and competence across a range of learning experiences
  • Provide intervention and additional support for those students who require it
  • Mirror a mainstream curriculum, as closely as possible to equip students with the skills needed to successfully re-integrate back into mainstream education
  • Prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life

Please click on the curriculum links for subject specific information.