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ICT & Computing

At St Matthias Academy we aim to give students not only experience of using ICT in a day to day sense but a greater understanding of how we use application software  to control, or make changes to, actions on screen and the world around us.

Key Stage 3

Students will work towards Entry Level functional skills qualifications, levels 1-3, with some Year 9 students able to access the higher Level 1 qualification.

They will follow units that develop their skills using packages such as Microsoft Office, preparing them for the Edexcel Funtional Skills examinations. They will also complete units of work on HTML web coding to learn the background language of web design. Also Control and Sequencing units to develop an understanding of how typed commands can control interactions such as the onscreen actions of computer games, the movement of robots and the function of BBC Microbits .

Key Stage 4

Students will work towards the Edexcel Entry Level functional skills qualifications, levels 2-3 and also the higher Level 1 & 2 Functional skills ICT qualification.

The units are tailored to give students a wide range of experience and confidence in using Office applications in preparation for the examinations but also enable those students studying for AQA GCSE ICT to be able to complete the controlled assessments that make up the coursework and account for 60% of the final GCSE grade.