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Our Academy Council

Name Academy Councillor Type Term From   Term To    Roles
Chris Davies Attendee 17.03.15 NA LA Adviser
Peter Evans Trust Academy Councillor 03.10.17 04.10.20 CEO
Eileen Flynn Community Academy Councillor   27.01.16 26.01.19 Chair/ Safeguarding   
Jo Grayson Community Academy Councillor 06.02.18 06.02.21 CiC/ SEND
Nicholas Lind Community Academy Councillor 26.01.16 25.01.19 Vice Chair/ Finance
Nicola Morgan Parent Academy Councillor 29.01.17 28.01.19  
Aileen Morrison Headteacher NA NA Head
Felicity Russell Staff Academy Councillor 29.01.17 28.01.19 Health & Safety
Lucas Wellington   Community Academy Councillor 24.05.16 23.05.16  

 If you wish to contact the Chair of our Academy Council, Eileen Flynn, you may do so by writing to:

Chair of St Matthias Academy Council

C/O KnowleDGE

Leinster Avenue,



Or by telephone to arrange an appointment via the Office Manager by calling:

0117 9031320