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PSHE & Humanities


Personal, social and health education is quickly becoming an essential subject for students. The Government is set to make it a statutory subject in the coming years. Key stage 3 students have at least one timetabled lesson per week. Themes covered in PSHE are also covered in mentoring sessions and assemblies across the school year.

Topics covered:

Healthy lifestyles

physical health, mental health, nutrition and hygiene


friendships, families, consent, sex education, contraception, teenage pregnancy

Living in the wider world

risk management, careers guidance, personal finance and budgeting

KS4 students also get the opportunity to study for two additional qualifications:

  • Entry Level PSHE qualification
  • Personal budgeting and finance certificate

It is an inter-disciplinary course which covers aspects of careers, health, personal safety, employment opportunities, applying for jobs and personal finance. 



Humanities is a key subject area taught in most schools around the country. Humanities cover history, geography and religious education. Each term, we focus on a different subject (i.e. history in term 1, geography in term2 and so on) but elements of each topic are covered every term. Key stage 3 students have one timetabled lesson per week.

Topics covered:


world wars, ancient history, the Victorians, the Tudors


physical and human, places of interest, coasts, continents, weather and natural disasters


religions of the world, religious festivals, philosophy and ethics

Whilst we do not currently offer GCSE qualifications in humanities, the work done in this subject feeds back into the mainstream secondary curriculum for those returning to school.