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At St Matthias Park, students’ progress in literacy is a very high priority. The skills of reading, writing and communicating effectively are essential if students are to make the most of life’s opportunities and interact competently with the world around them.

Students’ skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are developed through abroad range of topics. At KS3, these include: place, war, Shakespeare, terror, crime and home.  At KS4, Y10 students also study conflict poetry and ‘An Inspector Calls’, by J.B. Priestley to help prepare them for the new 9-1 GCSE exam. Each unit aims to engage students with a variety of different writing styles, reading materials and lively discussion. Students have the opportunity to be creative, enter competitions and win prizes with their work. Each topic includes elements of both fiction and non-fiction. Teachers try to adapt materials to topics of student interest through frequent dialogue within the small groups.

Year 11 students follow an intensive skills-focused programme of study to prepare them for the AQA English Language GCSE and the Edexcel Functional Skills qualifications.

At St Matthias Park, our students have extensive opportunity to improve their literacy skills in regular literacy sessions through the week. These focus on revising and extending specific skills, and regularly engaging students in articles about news and current affairs. Students may also use the Lexia computer software for targeted individual support.