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At St. Matthias Park science lessons are taught using a number of hands on activities to try to enhance retention of the knowledge and to develop core practical skills as well as providing a fun and interactive learning experience. All topics are linked to the wider world help pupils to relate to the topics and see how they are relevant to them.


In years 7, 8 and 9 all pupils study the national curriculum linked into the AQA key stage three scheme of work studying elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This enables a broad subject knowledge that leads onto the GCSE science topics such as genetics, acids and alkalis and forces. This helps to allow a positive transition into their next destination school.


In years 10 pupils study the AQA science synergy GCSE course which covers all three sciences. The course covers relevant topics such as keeping healthy and the earth and atmosphere.  This course covers the key science topics from all of the exam boards to enable them to return to another school.

In year 11 pupils study AQA Biology, working towards GCSE grades 1-9. This course covers exciting and interesting science topics such as cloning and genetic modification, heart disease and development of medication. Some pupils may conduct the Entry Level course which links practical coursework with short exams to be more accessible to some pupils.